Atman Manufacture

Our partners

Through close and innovative collaboration with our partners we push the boundaries to deliver unique and immersive sound experiences.

Dias design

Dias Design and Atman Manufacture collaborate to transform the massage experience. By integrating our Sylph speakers into their massage tables, Dias Design offers its clients unparalleled sound immersion. This alliance embodies our shared vision of innovation and well-being, bringing a new sensory dimension to moments of relaxation.

GDS Composites

GDS Composites supports Atman Manufacture for certain projects by supplying high quality composite materials, thus guaranteeing the performance and durability of our innovative acoustic solutions.

Nature Bois Concept

Nature Bois Concept collaborates with Atman Manufacture by integrating Sylph into their products, thus enabling the sale of sound terraces for an exceptional outdoor acoustic experience.

Swic Hospitality

SWIC Hospitality and Atman Manufacture are joining forces to enrich the sensory experiences of their customers. By offering our Sylph speakers and our Nativ towel dryer, SWIC Hospitality offers a unique sound and sensory dimension. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to offering products that awaken the senses and improve well-being.

Dblux Conseil

dBLux Conseil supports its clients to improve well-being factors in spaces. Distributor of innovative French brands, developing and producing their solutions in an eco-responsible approach, the partnership was thus naturally born between dbLux Conseil and Atman Manufacture.


Psio offers a new technology, the vibroacoustic seat. This innovation is equipped with Sylph allowing it to broadcast specific sound frequencies inducing more particularly the cerebral rhythm allowing the patient to be put into an almost immediate state of relaxation.