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Atman Manufacture


ATMAN Manufacture develops and manufactures in France ever more innovative high-end solutions around well-being, the art of living and the 5 senses.

With years of experience and know-how in the field of connected objects, ATMAN enhances the most prestigious worlds with aesthetics and design.

Let go and let yourself be carried away, through our innovative, high-end and tailor-made SYLPH and NATIV products where the only center of gravity is you.

Our flagship products


High-end speakers

The result of several years of R&D, Sylph is the technological achievement of the French company Atman Manufacture.

A high-end speaker, Sylph integrates electromechanical systems freeing it from any membrane.

Developed and manufactured in France by Atman Manufacture, Sylph transforms electrical signals into ripples transmitted to the surfaces on which it is installed


Designer towel dryer

NATIV is an ultra-designed towel dryer that incorporates purity, elegance, but also technological innovations.

The finishes of the NATIV towel dryer are customizable, to best suit your tastes and your interior.

Sèche serviettes design NATIV - ATMAN Manufacture - Made in France
our trademark

Mastery & precision

ATMAN Manufacture guides its customers to create the product closest to their desires with the strong commitment to ensuring the best implementation of manufacturing.

Enriched customer experiences, innovative & differentiating products made in France, respect for the environment, Design & robust product (design without planned obsolescence), products that bring pleasure and comfort to users.


ATMAN considers it its duty to provide the most efficient after-sales service possible and includes this aspect in its long-term commitments.


To improve the reliability and operation of its products and create new ranges, ATMAN Manufacture focuses on the development of innovation.

Qualité et bienfacture

ATMAN's commitment: to bring its products to the level of excellence. ATMAN Manufacture designs and manufactures under the sign of exclusivity.

Made in france

Because we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting short circuits, all our products are made in France.


Nos réalisations reflètent une technique irréprochable. Les designs ATMAN traversent les modes sans perde ni de leur actualité ni de leur beauté.

Vision of a human company

Atman has put together a team of experts, pioneers in their respective fields, united by the same quest for innovation that resembles them. Atman puts people first in all aspects of the business.


ATMAN Manufacture benefits from complete freedom of creation and manufacturing. It designs and manufactures its products according to its quality criteria.