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Travel of the senses

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5 year warranty

Heating body
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Designer towel dryer

ÂTMAN Manufacture wanted to “rethink” the towel dryer by incorporating purity, elegance, but also technological innovations.

NATIV is an electronic towel dryer equipped with a unibody aluminum heating body and two articulated towel arms.

Other objects are under development and always in this spirit of well-being and experiential work around the 5 senses.

100% aluminum

The 100% aluminum heating body is machined from the mass, thus combining robustness and quality.

Beyond its durable and unalterable properties, this asset gives it ideal efficiency with a rapid rise in temperature and powerful radiation.

A 25m heating cable is fitted to each of our slabs, allowing uniform heating across the entire slab. The high conductivity of aluminum allows heat to be spread quickly on the towels and in the room while optimizing energy expenditure.

Our standard finishes


Brushed aluminum offers you an ultra-designed and elegant look thanks to anodizing.

So that it best suits your tastes and your interior, we offer you the choice between three shades:

  • Gray Pompadour
  • White Iceberg
  • Black Vine

Customization options are possible to offer you an exceptional and unique product, in your image.

Sèche Serviettes Nativ - couleurs

Technical characteristics


The power of the Nativ towel dryer is 800W.

2 articulated arms

Nativ has two articulated aluminum towel rail arms machined from solid, opening at 45°.

Delta Dore RF regulator

X3D technology, compatible with Tydom home automation.


Nativ allows weekly programming.

Eco-responsible product

The Nativ heating body is 100% aluminum and is fully recyclable.

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