My Nativ

Your Personalized Towel Dryer

Treat yourself to an exceptional and unique product, in your image.
ATMAN Manufacture offers you the opportunity to personalize your NATIV down to the smallest detail.

Made in France

5 year warranty

Heating body
Lifetime guarantee

Our personalized options

▬ Wood inserts

ATMAN offers you 4 complementary finishes in order to have an object that suits you and best adapts to the atmosphere you want to create.

Choose from these 4 wood species:

▬ Heater

The lacquered finish allows you to choose a color from 44 shades.

A unique concept of towel radiator, infinitely customizable, manufactured exclusively for you, putting your inspiration at the heart of your project.
Discover this collection that will make you proud.
Discover another idea of ​​tailor-made.

You review your interior decoration and the color
of your NATIV no longer corresponds to the desired atmosphere?
ATMAN offers you the repainting of your towel dryer, a new life awaits it.

▬ Towel racks

ATMAN offers you 2 anodized finishes to personalize the removable towel arms of its NATIV towel dryer:

They integrated NATIV

Personalization without limits

Your tailor-made Nativ

Does your establishment have a very precise charter, or do you simply want to treat yourself to a product in your color?

ATMAN Manufacture supports you in creating your tailor-made product, reflecting your brand.