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Embark on
an emotional journey

A sound is an invitation to dream and to imagine. We feel it, we hear it, but we never fully perceive it. It is fragile, ephemeral, and almost impalpable.

Sylph® is more than a speaker.
It is not a performance or an ostentatious object.
It is a new sound experience.

Play, feel, live

A totally new acoustic moment

Sylph transforms walls, materials, or furniture in your environment into high quality speakers.
Moreover, in hotels or tourist environments, our solution enriches the customer experience and their complete satisfaction.
Sylph®, more than a speaker, a new acoustic dimension.

What if we rethink immersion?


Unlike conventional Bluetooth speakers, our solution is tamper-proof, and therefore permanent.

Immersive sound

Sylph®, more than a loudspeaker, a unique acoustic experience.


Easy to install and easy to use for the end user via Bluetooth smartphone connection.


Bluetooth connection with your smartphone or tablet. The user sends his playlist to the speaker.

5-year warranty

An after-sales service that matches the quality of our products.

Made in France

All our products are manufactured in our production site based in Charente-Maritime.

Your environment
comes to life

Sylph® frees itself from the codes conveyed by the brands of Bluetooth speakers and proposes to play and express its own personality by offering another dimension of sound.
Sylph® sound is above all what you make of it and what it will awaken and reveal in you.
It's about expressing your singularity, your creativity, it's about embodying a form of freedom.

The propagation of sound is very different from a traditional loudspeaker which emits in a directive and potentially more "polluting" way.
Sylph® generates a harmonious listening comfort, a highly distributed acoustic atmosphere that envelops the area concerned.
Noise pollution is a real issue, and our solution responds perfectly to the control of this reality.


The electronics integrated into SYLPH, made in France, as well as the energy management of its components were designed in collaboration with the Scheiber design office.


SYLPH allows acoustic frequencies to be transmitted by vibration to the entire surface of the material to which it is attached.
The material then becomes the membrane of your loudspeaker, transforming your wall or other movable objects into a disconcerting immersive speaker.
The sound is then ideally distributed for the comfort of all in the living space inside and outside.

a unique sound

Walls, furniture, partitions, every surface inside
and as well as outside can become a resonance
chamber. Terrace, swimming pool, garden, … exploit
all the possibilities of Sylph®.

They have adopted SYLPH®