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La manufacture

Entertaining the emotions of our customers

The ATMAN experience is unique, the exception at the heart of our project

Mastery of quality
and aesthetics

ATMAN develops and manufactures in France top-of-the-range and ever more innovative solutions based on well-being, the art of living and the 5 senses..

The ATMAN experience is unique, the exception at the centre of our project, the Âtman towel dryer, the company's iconic product, its beating heart.

ATMAN's ambition is to make your home a haven of peace. With years of experience and know-how in the field of connected objects, ATMAN enhances the most prestigious worlds with aestheticism and design.

applied to

Let go and let yourself be carried away by innovative, top-of-the-range, and tailor-made products where the only centre of gravity is you.

Whenever possible, we favour short supply chains to reduce the carbon footprint of our products as much as possible and deliver a product at its true value.

ATMAN's product collections assert their difference and invite your imagination to create.

ATMAN makes his mark through the fabrication of robust and ultra-performing products made of aluminium for optimal use.

One second
to forget about time

Emotion & art of living.
ATMAN, the perfect expression
of the senses and the difference.

The ultimate experience signed ATMAN.
A unique concept, the haute couture of heating.

Spearhead of the brand and inspired by you, it is all the know-how of ATMAN Manufacture through its towel dryer imagined for you.

Perfection in its strictest expression, Atman is a concentrate of high technology.

Atman is the ultimate concept of the experience of well-being in the bathroom. Vibrate through an invisible acoustic system, take time for yourself, and immerse yourself in a luminous and olfactory atmosphere conducive to your well-being. Enjoy the benefits of essential oils and clever swivel towel racks.

All the senses on the alert

ÂTMAN Manufactures' ambition is based on excellence, innovation, and strong human values.
It manufactures in France products of impeccable design and carries out customised projects. ÂTMAN Manufacture guides its customers to produce the product closest to their desires with the strong commitment to ensure the best implementation of the products.

Enriched customer experiences, innovative & differentiating products made in France, respect for the environment, Design & robust products (design without programmed obsolescence), products that bring pleasure and comfort to users, aesthetics with a strong emotional value, "user-friendly" and emotion-creating use...


Excellence and design:
a key element of
ATMAN's global offer

After more than 15 years of experience in the management of companies, Damien Grolleau decided to build his own project to offer with ÂTMAN Manufacture products in line with the values he has always defended: high quality products, permanent innovation, and long-term customer satisfaction.

With his experience, the know-how and good manners shared by his teams, his service providers and his customers, Damien has been able to design a high-performance and durable production tool.

Surrounded by partners who understand the meaning of his approach, his objective is very clear: to produce exceptional, innovative products in France with an impeccable finish.

Our Values


ATMAN Manufacture enjoys complete freedom of creation and manufacture. It designs and manufactures its products according to its quality criteria.

Made in France

Because we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging short circuits, all our products are made in France.


To improve the reliability and operation of its products and create new ranges, ATMAN Manufacture relies on the development of innovation.


Our creations reflect an irreproachable technique. ATMAN's designs go through fashion without losing their topicality or their beauty.

Quality and craftsmanship

ATMAN's commitment: to bring its products to the level of excellence. ATMAN Manufacture designs and manufactures under the sign of exclusivity.


ATMAN believes that it is its duty to provide the most efficient after-sales service possible and makes this aspect part of its long-term commitments.